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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons...

During our recent trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada, we enjoyed dining at some amazing restaurants. One place, in particular, made me reflect on what excellence means.

In all that you do...
  1. Look for the Good, in situations & in other people. Your most noble contribution is to help bring out the best they have to offer. Let them shine!
  2. Commit to Excellence - refine your skills and be diligent in the details, when it is your turn to perform!
  3. Think You Can! Believing in possibility is a choice, so choose to be positive!
I have to admit, that Unagi (raw eel) has never been one of my favourite things to eat, but our sushi chef surprised us with his creation for dessert: Unagi, wrapped in Fatty Tuna skin, then lightly seared and topped with Salmon Roe. They looked like baby cribs! In the hands of a master sushi chef, even Unagi can be delicious!

Like taking sour lemons & making lemonade, what will you do to be excellent today & make a difference for others?