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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road Trip to my First USANA Convention

Ten years ago, on Monday, June 26, 2000, I picked up my new friend, Mario Buscio, in my 1995 Honda Civic si Coupe & we began our road trip from Winnipeg to Salt Lake City. I got to know Mario pretty good during this time & he shared his story of how he got started with USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Mario had been dealing with Fibromyalgia for quite some time & when his wife, Sonia Blanchette, & Deanna Waters suggested he try the USANA products, he nearly threw Deanna out of his house! He was bitter, because he thought he had tried everything & he was sure nothing would help his chronic pain. He finally agreed to take the products, just so that he could prove that they would not work! Despite his negativity, he ate his words, as he soon felt better & after about 3 weeks, with the approval of his doctor, he stopped taking his pain medication. Two years later, all Mario had with him on the trip, besides USANA supplements, was a bottle of Tylenol, just in case. During our trip, he never opened the Tylenol & said it was like a crutch he didn't want to use. It was great to hear Mario's perspective as my wife, Lynn, had been on medications for Lupus for several years.

We made the trip in about 21 hours, with the help of the wraps Lynn had made for us, plenty of water, carrot sticks, fruit & USANA Nutrition Bars. I had also packed a supply of USANA Essentials, while Lynn kept some for herself, for the week I would be away. Mario had a nice little stash of USANA supplements, in addition to the Essentials - he said that CoQuinone & Proflavanol were his best friends! We also had an assortment of USANA LifeMasters audios, most of which were interviews with successful USANA Associates & health information from doctors on USANA's Medical Advisory Board & USANA scientists. We also had some good personal development audios from my favourite, Dr Denis Waitley. My Honda Civic was our Rolling University!

After about 12 hours, Mario said he could take over driving for a bit. I agreed & I tried my best to fall asleep quickly, because we had a full day ahead of us. After what seemed like only an hour, I'm not sure what happened, but Mario said he was just too tired to continue. I wasn't ready for that! He pulled into a gas station & I downed a huge coffee, got another for the road & got a big bag of nacho chips to power me through to Salt Lake City! I know - wrong nutritional choice, but I had to stay alert & get us there in one piece! Every year since then, we have flown to the Convention & if I were to drive again, we would either book a hotel mid-way, or ensure we had 3-4 drivers, to do it safely. With Mario conked out, I focussed on the road ahead, both literally & figuratively. This trip, if we made it, could be the first big step forward in our life. I have to say, that Butte, Montana is a beauty, with stunning views of the valley from the mountain-top homes!

Please note that these statements & products are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose, mitigate or prevent any disease. Here is a sobering word on testimonials from USANA Science Information Services at

In general, testimonials are considered unreliable as scientific evidence and are not a worthy substitute for scientific validity. There are currently hundreds of randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled studies that indicate a strong correlation between diets rich in antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and a decreased incidence of chronic degenerative disease. This significance continues to be investigated through carefully validated scientific research. USANA continually reviews recent scientific literature and incorporates its findings, along with in-house laboratory research and clinical studies, into product development and design. This comprehensive approach to product development provides our Associates and Preferred Customers with comprehensive, balanced, safe, and effective nutritional formulas.

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