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Friday, June 25, 2010

Take a Chance - Break Out of the Box

Welcome to Part Two of my one-on-one coaching session with Deanna Waters, ten years ago on Friday, June 23, 2000.

While reviewing what we would be getting in our USANA enrolment package, I realized we had a pass to the Annual Convention in Salt Lake City. “The Convention is next week?” I asked.

“Yes it is,” Deanna said, “Dave & I fly out on Tuesday.”

For a brief instant, my mind raced to the next week. Two months earlier, I had been among the first to purchase tickets for a long-awaited reunion concert by The Guess Who, international superstars from the 1970’s, as part of their Running Back Thru Canada Tour. The concert was the following Friday night, June 30, 2000 in Winnipeg.

“I’m coming to Salt Lake City - I’ll drive!” I said, without any hesitation. I would be missing a major concert event with two of my closest buddies, but I was breaking out of my self-imposed box & enlarging my territory. From everything we had seen about USANA Health Sciences, Inc. to that point, I knew I had to go to the Convention!

Salt Lake City was about 1500 miles or 2400 kilometres from Winnipeg. Flying would be reasonable for most people, but I loved a good road trip. Growing up on the Canadian Prairies, we measured distance by time. “It’s just a day’s drive!”

Deanna lined me up with a road buddy, Mario Buscio, & we made plans to hit the road on Monday!

She sent me home with a care package of the USANA Essentials, boxes of USANA Nutrition Bars & several audios called LifeMasters, which I would come to know & love. That evening, Lynn & I took our Essentials & over the coming days, we began to realize how important they were.

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